Thursday, August 8, 2013

Swim Goggle Case: Nootca Armor

We chose to offer a more robust goggle case due to the variety of environments your goggles can be subjected to.  My issue is sand.  I’m lucky enough to swim from the beach and there is no getting around tracking sand everywhere once you’re finished for the day.  Sand is no different from the sediment that can collect in the bottom of your backpack or duffel.  Both can provide a perfect opportunity for dirt and grime to collect on your swim goggles. Each scenario leads to the destruction of your goggles clarity and life span.

This case can prolong the life of your goggles.    
Nootca case with the eleven goggle in clear

Inside the case is a soft lining with some water absorption capabilities that will not scratch the lens.  Two air holes allow the moisture to escape.  
Nootca case with the 207 goggle in brown

A big benefit to the case is its size.  It allows for our largest goggle, the 207 and a bike computer or watch to fit inside, while protecting everything. Personally the waterproof outer shell is my favorite feature.  Throw it your bag, on the pool deck, leave on the ground or sandy beach and it stays clean and dry with at wipe.

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