Friday, March 8, 2013

Swim Goggle Clarity by Nootca

What makes a Nootca goggle different than any other goggle?  Clarity.

The image above is the first Nootca 5 swede lens from the mold during development. The lens was sent to me for approval almost a year ago today.  

The main thing to notice in the image is the straight lines of the paper when looking through the sidewall and front window. These lines will give away any distortion in the lens by wavering or becoming unfocused.  It’s this test that can determine the clarity of the swim goggle.  This lens mold went through another round of polishing before it was approved. 

We have been told the goggle has panoramic vision.  Whether it’s the Nootca 5, eleven or 207 this is our goal.  

Edit:  What does an approved lens look like?  

Approved Nootca 5 Swede lens 4/12/1012

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