Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jordan Rapp, Lava Magazine, and the Nootca Eleven goggle

Pick up a copy of the Dec/Jan issue of Lava Magazine to read "Kona Debrief" by Jordan Rapp. Jordan talks about his equipment choices and his reasons for choosing the Nootca eleven.

Jordan reached out to us a week before Kona to test our selection of swim goggles.  We delivered on the Tuesday before the race and on Wednesday he made the decision to race with the Nootca eleven in Kona!  

Update: read the article online - LAVA

Friday, November 2, 2012

Nootca swim goggle adjustment

Video "how to" on Swim goggle adjustment. Clip design features multiple variations, from a simple release to a more sophisticated weaving to place the end of the straps parallel with your body alignment.  The clip allows you a little added personalization. I have seen some additional ways to use the clip and will post soon.  Have a new way to use this clip? - Send us an image to post.